Sunset and Coastal Cruise

Bird watching


Bird watching:

Watching birds chirp and fly always brings a solace to the heart and when you trace the V pattern of the migratory birds in the back drop of setting sun you just want to fly with them. Watching Seagulls glide over the crashing waves takes you to the waterfront without your own knowledge. The Oman skies are never devoid of birds. The Sooty gull, Yemen serin, Hume’s wheatear, Bruce’s green Pigeon, Arabian wheatear, Ruppell’s weaver and shining sunbird adorns the vast sky. They make merry in all the seasons. Most of them are found in Dimaniyat Islands. We organise exclusive bird watching trips to Fahal and Dimaniyat Islands so that our guests make the best while engaging themselves in bird observation.

Our packages:
Bird watching in Fahal Islands
Recommended timing :

  • 7 am to 10 am ( 3 Hours)

Price :

  • 180 OMR

Bird watching in Dimaniyat Islands
Recommended timing:

  • 8 am to 1 pm


  • 350 OMR