Oman the land of natural wonders could be your next favourite destination for a perfect vacation if you are the one who likes to explore the sand dunes of Rub al khali, climb the rugged “Oman mountains and capture some of the exotic locations with your ‘travel partner’ hung around your neck.


Sea Arch Oman- Best Oman Travel Agency 


Experience the beauty of Oman with Sea Arch Oman Leading Oman Travel agency. We are here to help your trip and make it worth a lifetime. We don’t just help you to plan trips but to help you to create exceptional trips filled with exciting and life-enriching experiences. We are embraced with the team of travel experts at handling all your itineraries in Oman.  Being a leading Oman travel agency we cater all your travel needs right from food to accommodation we offer you a complete Oman Sea tour package.


Tourism at Oman


Oman is an endlessly fascinating destination filled with natural wonders, rich culture and sheer architecture. Now explore the picturesque beaches of Oman, ride on the sea along with the dolphins, Dive into clear white sand beaches and explore the underwater realm of Oman, Lit on a campfire and mesmerize in the beautiful sunset view. Come discover this fascinating tourist destination with the best Oman travel agency. Our Experience and expertise travel knowledge in the tour operation we help you.


Oman Tour Packages 


We Sea Arch Oman is the end to end tour operator in the sultanate of Oman.  We offer an exceptional touring experience that makes your worth a lifetime.  We bring you the best of the best Oman tour packages. Whether you like to Snorkel under the water and explore the marine life and coastal wonders of Oman or cruise through the sea of Oman and get a close look at the dolphins as they swim along with the boat. Whatever your holiday interest, Oman has it all.

However, if you want to make your tour in Oman hassle-free, fun and more adventures experience we are here to make it happen. Sea Arch offers value for money, Sea tours, accommodation and tour packages that allow you to explore Oman a unique holiday destination in the Middle West. Why just wait now is the right time to take your friends and family to the great place- Oman.  Sit back; relax as our best Oman travel agency take care of all your needs and requirements of tourism in Oman.

About us

Being surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf it’s a paradise on the face of the earth if you are an ocean lover. The 1,967 miles long stretch Of coastline makes it a hot tourist attraction for the wanderlusts around the world to engage in Dolphin watching, snorkeling, beach camping, shell collecting, boating and fishing. It is with a passion of providing a memorable experience to the growing tourists who visit Oman every year Sea arch Oman was dream and realized. As the name suggests, Sea arch Oman is a gateway to the water world. Sited at a spectacular setting of Gulf of Oman, Sea arch is sure to make your visit to Oman a lifetime experience.


Sea Arch Oman provides a wide range of charters, boat trips and tours and watersports activities, complete with catering and special event services.

Explore the greenest waters of Daminyat Island, the pure sands of Bandar Khayran or head into the wider ocean to encounter Dolpins, Whale Sharks and a whole biosphere of marine life.

Whether snorkelling, swimming, sightseeing or in celebration, Sea Arch Oman ensures the best sights, sounds and soul of Oman is delivered to you.

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